Friday, October 21, 2016

Dragons in Combat!

Dragons have been interviewed, photographed and drawn in so many of their elements. In combat has to be the most dangerous dragon form to observe. The chance of being caught in breath weapon overshoots is but one of the risks. Today, I will share with you all that I have learned. I hope that other dragonologists will add their own observations of the dragons they have had the privilege to study.

A Dragon on the ground is just as deadly as in the air.

Let us first start with the fact that dragons are built to be strong defenders of their lairs. Long before, like humans, they evolved into forms with magic and a natural affinity for language and knowledge, they were defending their nests from other predators. People say that the kimono dragon and the crocodiles are the few remaining dinosaurs, but we here at the SED, (Society for Enlightened Dragonologists) know this is not true. There is one that has learned to stay far from the eyes of modern man, the regal dragon. The time of knights on horses, lances and the decimation of their lairs taught them that men say them as prey.

The first and most deadly combat weapon is their breath weapon. There are many explanations put forth as to how dragons have these weapons, but the how does not matter when one is fleeing the path of descending fire or ice. The act of breathing out such a weapon takes the restoration of the chemicals in the lungs or breath sac required. This explains why some dragons are limited in how quick or how many times they can use such weapons. This varies from dragon to dragon and land to land.

The next combat weapon is dragonfear. Personally, I believe this is better explained by fight or flight. I once encountered a cougar. I could not move, locked in a frigid state of fear as we stared at one another. Even after the beast ran off, I stood locked rigid for a time. Fortunately for me, the cougar had been in front of me. I hear they don’t like their prey looking at them and I couldn’t look away. Perhaps dragonfear is a spell cast that creates such a state. But, in all my ventures into the wild, I have never felt that same fear in the presence of a dragon.

The next weapon I would speak to is the use of magic. Dragons seem to have a natural affinity for spell-casting. Magic doesn’t exist you say? Well most that read this don’t believe that dragons do either so I speak to those that know I speak truly. Dragons abilities with magic seem to depend on their color and personality. There is much debate in the SED as to how they came upon this skill. Some believe it was part of the higher powers creation, some believe that we all have this ability but many have forgotten how much magic surrounds us, and some believe it manifested in a moment of great need for protection. The one thing that is not debated is this inmate ability to touch the powers of the universe in their own unique way.

Finally, if all else fails, the dragon’s natural physical form in combat is deadly by itself. Between a vicious tail swing, raking claws and sharp fangs, a dragon is a formidable foe on the ground. Do not think because you have caught it in a cave that it cannot defend itself. If there is treasure or young within, a dragon will fight to the death rather than abandon either. Many a knight was lost to tooth and tail thinking to brave the lion in its den a safer equation.

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