Saturday, September 10, 2016

Do’s and Don’t for Dragonologists

It is imperative that those seeking to interact with dragons follow certain guidelines and wisdoms. We will try to organize these into topics as we gain more insight but here is the basic guidelines for now. You can learn more about dragons at

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Do’s and Don’t for Dragonologists

Don’t mess with a dragon’s meal.
Don’t steal from their hoard.
Don’t lie to a dragon.

Don’t disturb a sleeping dragon unless you know them. Then whistle as you approach as advanced warning.
Don’t assume a dragon’s power. They all have different abilities.
Don’t try to get the last word this usually ends poorly.
Don’t try to ride a dragon without permission
Do pet, stroke and scratch dragons. Their ears are particularly sensitive.
Do flatter a dragon. Thought they can tell when you are lying, they like their ego stroked.
Do find out your dragon’s favorite treat i.e. Chocolate, caffeine, flowers, duck, mutton. (It is handy to know their weak point when negotiating )
Do respect their personal boundaries, in particular when hatchlings or younglings are present.
Do treat them with respect as intelligent beings.
Do pay attention when a dragon speaks. Even if it seems unimportant at the time, it might save your life in the future.
Things that anger a dragon:

Restraint of any sort – i.e. Chains, ropes, shackles, cages, pits, etc
Arrogance (although showing you are not afraid may impress certain dragons – this must be judged by the individual based on their knowledge of the particular dragon)
Threats to family & territory
Calling him/her a lizard
Accusing him/her of kidnapping virgins, dragons that kidnap maidens give the rest a bad name.

Co-Written:  Cheryl Matthynssens and Theresa Snyder