Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I have spaces open for life and/or writing coaching.

Hi All!
I have spaces open for life and/or writing coaching.

 What are my qualifications?

* Degree in Teaching English and Psychology - Honor Roll 
* Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional in Washington state from 2005 to 2015 - Not currently licensed because in Washington because here you have to have a parent agency. However, you can look my license up and see I have no filed complaints.
* Certified Moral Reconation Counselor which includes the ability to work with addictions, criminal thinking, overall life satisfaction and codependency/entangled relationships. I am separately certified for this.
* Have made top 25 on Amazon with three novels and top ten with one of those.

Please Note:  Due to my currently working independently - I cannot sign off on any court orders, doctor orders, or insurance/license needs. You must have an addictions counselor for this.

Is there a cost?

First session is free to see if we would be a good match to work together. Some types of life coaching require group attendance. This attendance is in an online coaching setting. I will work with what ever needs you have. Again, this is for personal growth and edification only. I can not certify.

If you are looking for a writing coach to swim the waters of independent publishing, I am great with most genres. However, Theresa Snyder also has a couple of openings, and she is better than I am with science fiction and memoirs.

Private message me for more information, for contact with Theresa, or just to say Hi! I like hellos - I am not available so please don't private message me for a relationship. If you have benefited from my guidance or coaching please put in a good word here for me as for most people I am just some stranger. My email is dragonsgeas@gmail.com

Have a balanced day!
Cheryl Matthynssens