Thursday, April 2, 2015

Author Update!

Let's see where I was last at. ...

I have done some live writing of other parts of the world that The Blue Dragon's Geas is set in. Please let me know if you wish me to keep writing up these snapshots.  I will be happy to do so if they have value to all of you.

Health:  Finished Chemo.  Unfortunately, part of healing is getting nerve feeling back in ends of fingers which makes typing slow.  This is slowing down the fourth book.

Fourth Book:  By a popular vote, Pseudo-Dragon won for the title of the next book.  I am currently about 14 chapters into it. It will probably be as large as Blackguard at this rate.  A lot of small loose ends get tied up and woven back in. Henrick's secret is revealed.  And.. well you will have to read for other things.  I know one fun chapter to write was Luthian in a mage battle.    I will have a teaser out at the end of the month for this book.

Bloodmines:  Several people are receiving free audios from me in exchange for reviews on  If you are interested in this, these are the books I currently have codes for: I think I have a few for Outcast, a couple children's books, Blackguard, Bloodmines and Magic Scorned. Warning, Magic Scorned is from the Sorceress Chronicles and is an erotic fantasy.  I am looking for two things for this book:  Reviews on Amazon and Audible and reader vote if I should continue the series. I only have a set number of codes, so first come.... first serve.

You have all been wonderfully supportive during my journey through Cancer... Chemo and the aftermath.  I keep that in mind when I write.  Sometimes, it is what brings me to the keyboard; knowing you all are waiting for the next release.

May dragons watch over you kindly.
Cheryl Matthynssens