Monday, April 20, 2015

A New Life!

One month chemo free.... I thought now that my life would be back to normal.  But then... what is normal?  Psychologists call normal the absence of pathology and others would say it is a return to normalcy.  I have discovered there is no such thing.  I am going to have to forge a new normal.

While I am no George R.R Martin, my books are doing well enough that I can write full time. Writing before all this was always at lunch breaks, late nights and stolen moments of time at a computer.  Now, writing is my life and passion.  I do not have to go into an office or work on anyone else's schedule.   Every one's dream... right?  To do what you love as both your passion and your work?

I have discovered it is not that easy.   Before, I would be inspired and rush to my computer at the first chance.  I would frantically email an idea home when it came to me.  Now, I have an office.  I have a desk.  I go to work at my office and sit at my desk and think of one hundred things to do other than write?
New Desk!

What is that about?

I did some research and some deep thinking.  Many of us have dreams, they are not really goals as we have no action plan for them.  Somehow, in this sudden flow of creativity and a push from friends, my dream came true.   What do you do when you have achieved your dream?  I spent a week at the ocean with my editor and illustrator.  We all had dinner with my second editor.  The purpose was to figure out how to go forward.

Me, Becky and Katherine
Alex and Becky 

I decided what I need is a new dream.  Not material goals... I have what I need in life.  Everything else would just be window dressing and icing.  So my new dream, is to one day write something that is so powerful that it becomes a movie.  Something where a producer can visualize the power of the images I portray and the characterizations that are more than wooden puppets on a stage.  For those of you following me, that is my new dream, to see my work come to life.

For those of you waiting for Psuedo-dragon, I am going to have to push it back a bit.  Healing from chemotherapy has created a severe neuropathy that makes long hours of typing painful.  It has slowed down my progress.  I still plan to come in close. I am now shooting to be out in mid-June.

I would rather delay it again then to get comments about the missing comma on page one.  I still have not found that missing comma.  *sighs*  I think I may have been trolled.  Does that mean I am officially famous if I have a troll?

Well, I could stay here talking to you all... and not writing.  However, Pseudo-Dragon just got interesting so I had better go.  I can hear the characters calling me back to the table.

Have a great week!