Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Magic Scorned Releases on Audio - Have Free Copies to Give Away!

I attempted to step out of my comfort zone; wrote and released a crossover fantasy with some erotica.  Carlie Quinn was generous enough to narrate it and it has released on Audible.  I have some free copies I can give away to interested listeners.  If you would like a copy, the only request that I have is to go to afterwords and give an honest review.  Even if you did not like it, please be honest.  I use such reviews to improve and so I am totally okay with what was good and what needs improvement.   I know that Carlie would appreciate any feedback as well. 

If you are interested in receiving one of these free copies, I will give them to the first people to ask.  I will edit this when they are all disbursed and let you know.   Send me a private email at: dragonsgeas@gmailcom

In other news:  Those waiting for the audio of book three, Bloodmines, do not have much longer to wait. I expect to receive the confirmation from Audible any day now.  It has a different narrator, but I think as we move into more active participation of the dragons that you will like his presentation of them.  Jimmy Moreland picked up the series in book three.  He is a voice actor who trained with Chuck McKibben, A Hollywood Audio/Producer and Studio Manager for the Man of a Thousand Voices, Mel Blanc. He is making his audible debut with Bloodmines.

For those that have been following my challenges, today is the last day of Chemo.  *dances around the office*  I can't wait to feel stronger and stronger as the poison subsides from my system. Chemo is really hard on nerves, at least the one I did. I can't feel my fingertips anymore.  Makes typing interesting!!!

Thanks for following me.  You are all great and I love when you chime in. Hope to hear from you soon!