Friday, September 19, 2014

Keensight Receives Fan Art!

I got this lovely picture off of Twitter from a follower that posted that it was inspired by Keensight.  With permission of course, I have posted it here for your enjoyment.  Stop by and let Deviant Dragons know what you think of his art. Personally, I love it!

Art with a story. Characters with a purpose. Awesome just because.
More about the artist -
M A Gilchrist is a high concept artist and illustrator living in Southwest Florida. Over the years he has taken his creative gift to the food and wine industry, the cycling world, online retailers like Medieval Collectibles, and many more. Inspired by an early love of comic books and cartoons, M A Gilchrist stretches the boundaries of creativity and believability, while maintaining the integrity and sanctity of the objects of the art.
Visit the artist’s site: M A Gilchrist