Friday, June 13, 2014

Readers Rejoice - One Day Fantasy Author Event 6/14/14


Readers rejoice! For one day only, Saturday, June 14th, you will be able to buy over a dozen great fantasy new adult and coming of age novels for just 99 cents each.

You can buy the books here:

While you're checking out the selection, the authors will be on Facebook throughout the event ready to answer questions, talk about your favorite genres or just to chat. Buy some awesome books and make lasting connections with a group of wonderful authors!

1. Cheryl Matthynssens, Outcast
2. Lisa Olsen, Angel of Mercy
3. H.D. Gordon, Blood Warrior
4. J Bennett, Falling
5. Judy Teel, Shifty Magic
6. Lynn Rush, Wasteland
7. Claire Chilton, Demonic Dora
8. T. G. Ayer, Retribution
9. Sharon Bayliss, The Charge
10. Daniel Arenson, Moth
11. Martin Hengst, The Last Swordmage
12. Ken Lozito, Road to Shandara
13. Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Farleigh, After the Ending
14. Karpov Kinrade, Seduced by Lies, Vol. 1
15. Jamie Grey, The Star Thief
16. Candace Thomas, Vivatera

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*Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with the giveaways for this event.*