Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Amazing Review for Outcast!

I received this amazing review for Outcast.  Robin Chambers is the author of A Wizard of Dreams .  After such an amazing review, I picked up his kindle version for only .99 cents.  I really encourage everyone to pick this tale up.  I will be posting a review as well when I am done but I am only in Chapter twelve and I am totally entranced.  It is a tale of growing up just a bit differently from the rest of us.  A magical journey from birth...

Robin's Review of Outcast: You can read the full review on the Amazon site for Outcast or Robin's Goodread's page. 


"Cheryl Matthynssens is a master of her craft. She suspends her readers’ disbelief early on with exquisite detail in her opening four chapters about the Daezun, from the structure of their village through the appearance and habits of the korpen (their beasts of burden) to the distinct advantages of Ketchen’s lucrative invention of a more efficient plowhead. The way the Daezun control the lives of everyone in their community reminded me of Lois Lowry’s “The Giver” (one of my favourite children’s books). You see and hear and taste and touch and feel this place and everyone in it.

The characterisation is assured. The main character has the classic elements of the legendary hero: an outsider in childhood, apparently clumsy – less adroit than the practical, efficient, ‘pure-bred Daezun’ (his father was Lerdenian, a race skilled in magic). Alador has hidden strengths...." (click above for full review)