Saturday, August 17, 2013

How did The Dragon Geas Get Started?

The Dragon Geas came about almost unintentionally.  I have been roleplaying and reading fantasy for years.  In High School, due to my writing skills, I was given an extra class with a writer as I was just racing through all my English assignments. I have been writing ever since that one to one experience.

My first book was a children's book that was originally a story of my mother's.  I edited it for a younger age group several years ago but then could not find an illustrator that I could afford AND who had a vision of a children's dragon that seemed to fit.

One day a good friend of mine, Alex Hunt, told me that his wife's favorite thing to draw was dragons.  I contacted her, and she sent me some sample dragon sketches.  They were exactly what I was looking for to bring How Dragon's Got Their Colors to life.  We collaborated and published the first book.  We had so much fun that we immediately started into the second one.

"Not An Egg!" is still in illustration.  It is the tale of a little dragon whose mother lays an egg.  She doesn't want to share her mother and father.  It is a story that relates to the angst that a first child often goes through when expecting a new baby in the home.  Told from a dragon's view point, it is a sweet tale of sadness, surprises and love.

At the same time, the first of the Dragons' Geas Novels was completed. It is currently in edit.  Expect both "Bloodstone" and "Not An Egg" to launch in the near future.

Becky has become my dearest friend.  She and her husband have supported the effort to build websites, blogs and all the time it takes to have a successful launch of a book.   We formed The Dragons' Geas website to keep our fans informed of upcoming work.  It is a place to see what is going on behind the scenes, get a glimpse of upcoming work and just be a part of the World of Vesta.  After all, what better way to enjoy, learn and grow, than through a dragons' view.