Friday, August 30, 2013

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Every reader has felt that moment where they did not belong.   Some of us know what it is like to grow up with bullies and suffer at their hands.  Even fewer of us know what it is like when you realize you grew up bigger than the bully that tormented you.  Outcast follows the life of a young Daezun who is suddenly gifted with a power he has yet to learn to control.  Follow the life of Alador as he struggles to find his place in the world.

For your sneak peak, we have given you a glance of young Alador's uncle.  Enjoy!

Sneak Peak

The trader unlocked the chest in excitement for with this find; he would not have to go out in the winter seasons.  He would be able to stay home with his small ones and housemate.   He uncovered the pure glass stone with a flourish and stepped back for he had seen  the desire on the minister’s face. 

 Yet instead of the pleasure and anticipation he had expected, he saw fury.  The trader’s eyes flew open with alarm.

“Do you think me a fool.” Hissed Luthian as he turned around to fully face the trader.   “ Who did you sell its magics too?” Luthian tone was ominous, and his hands began to glow an ominous yellow.

The trader stepped back as if that fury was palpable. “ one s..sir. was like that when I bought it. I...I did not think it would hurt the value.  I swear. It has been locked within since I purchased it.” The trader squeaked, dropping to his knees in fear.   He had never seen the Minister angry, but he had heard the tales of those that had crossed him.  He had never heard of any leaving such ire unscathed.  The pulse of the trader’s rapid heartbeat was visible in his neck.

“Bought it where? What other mages were present? “  Luthian demanded of the groveling man.  He slowly circled the man upon the ground much as a wolf circles his injured prey.

“S...smallbrook lord.  The Daezun village of Smallbrook and there weren’t no mages there.”  He put his face to the floor in hopes of appeasing the Minister.     “I.. it was a fair stone, and I will give it to you. I won’t want nothing of it.”  He offered in a panic.  His voice muffled against the floor.

“You fool!”  Shouted Luthian.  “Are you really so stupid?” The sneering loud tone brought a visible wince from the trader upon the floor.   “It is clear because it’s magic has been given.  What miner sold the stone?  I want a name.” Luthian kicked the trader over as hard as he could.  “A name!” He demanded. Luthian's tone suddenly softer, cold, and definitely vicious. Luthian’s hand crackled with the power of the fire he could wield.

“ was a lad named Alador. Still a middlin and didn’t even know what he had.  I swear it.”  The man was practically sobbing now for even he could feel the power radiating from the Minister though he dared not look.

Luthian paused, his foot now on the Trader’s chest who lay beneath him on the floor. . 

 Smallbrook….. Alador.. Alador.. why did he know that name?  Then it dawned on him. That was one of his brother’s spawn from the project.  The boy had come into his power.  By blood, he had come into power with that stone?  He looked back at the chest with alarm.

He removed his foot and moved to the chest gazing down at it’s contents.  The empty stone now beautiful but powerless.  Who knew how much power the boy had absorbed?   Did the boy even know how to use it?  It was not good that such power was uncontrolled.  However, one benefit of the treaty was if any of Lerdenian blood was found on Daezun lands, the Council had the right to demand they be turned over.   This had suited the Daezun well for they distrusted magic.

His anger cooled some as he stared at the stone in calculation.  The whimpering of the trader still lying where he had left interrupted Luthian’s thoughts. He cursed softly and with a fluid motion turned and released the spell at the groveling man.  He did not even stay to if the trader lived beneath the column of fire that had risen up from his writhing form, the music of his screams pleasing enough.    At the door,  he paused to look at the guard.  “Clean it up and put all the bloodstones in the vault.”  He did not acknowledge the guard's chest salute.  Such response was expected.  Besides, he had more important things on his mind.

He strode down the empty hall in anger and frustration. So much power that had been so nearly his and his nephew had it.  His half-breed, tierless nephew who probably did not even know what gift had been given him.   The stark white halls resounded with the steps of his boots as he strode in anger. “Get me my brother …. Now!”  He bellowed.   The words echoed down the vast empty hall. He did not care who heard. He did not care who acted.  He knew someone would see it done.  If he could not have the power, then he would control the boy!