Monday, July 10, 2017

A Dragonologist's Journal

Dragonologist: June 14, 2014 (First publication of this dragonologist's search for a live dragon and the revealing of the red dragon, Keensight.)

I did not see a dragon at all today even though I am in an area where there was a reported sighting.  I did find some burn marks that might indicate this is a hunting area of a dragon with a breath of flame. However, I am unable to verify at this time.  This area is rife with mosquitoes and other irritating pests.  While this would not deter a dragon, I am finding myself quite uncomfortable and smelling of a great deal of bug spray.  Fortunately I thought to pack my mosquito net and will be able to sleep without such irritations.

Dragonologist:  June 16, 2014

I have entered more dangerous terrain. There is more evidence of flaming here even among the rocks. I think I am getting close and will proceed with caution.  A soot test revealed that some of the marks were as recent as within the month.

Dragonologist: June 17, 2014

I have left trails and in some instances have had to use climbing gear to proceed.  I do not expect a dragon cave to be easily accessible by hikers and have come prepared for such challenges.  I only have a week of rations and water was not available today to refill water supplies.  If I don't find water tomorrow, I may be forced to turn back.

Dragonologist:  June 18, 2014

It is raining today.  While I have put my bottles out to slowly refill, I am forced to stay within the confines of my tent.  I am on a ledge and the wind has kept this small tent snapping.  It is very cold.  I would not recommend this route in any inclement weather situation, especially in winter.

Dragonologist: June 19, 2014

I made progress up this mountain side today.  I found a small stream with many waterfalls today.  I plan to continue keeping this source of water in range to avoid dehydration.  I almost fell today.  It was a bit alarming as I am moving forward alone.  I don't usually recommend this kind of search alone, however, none of my fellow dragonologists were available to assist me.

Dragonologist: June 20, 2014

I believe I have spotted a cave above me large enough to hold a dragon.  I have not seen any sign of a dragon at this height, but then there is no foliage or animals thus far.  There could be mountain goats this high, but as of yet, I have not found them.  The ledges are getting harder to find as I climb.  Only a dragon or a climber would consider such an area.

Dragonologist: June 21, 2014

I was unable to submit my journal today.  I do not have a cell signal.  I had thought that this high without any barriers between me and towers, that I would have a good signal. I was wrong.  I do not have a single bar today.  This concerns me for I cannot call for help at this point and only one person knows what area I am in.  I am not disclosing the location as we do not want a dragon hassled if I find him/her.  Unfortunately, treasure seekers and trophy hunters are still a thing to concern a dragon. In addition, the scientific community would be all over it. I am bound by oath to protect the knowledge of dragons.

Dragonologist: June 22, 2014

I have indeed spotted a cavern.  It is another day's climb for me and my anticipation has never been higher.  If the dragon is not in residence, then I am concerned with what I will find.  I do not wish to enter such a cave uninvited, but at the same time, to see a living dragon's cave would be such an exciting find.  Thus far, we have only had sightings, contact with Farloft, and abandoned caves. While Farloft is quite sociable, he has been unwilling to reveal other dragon locations. If he has, then he has only shared with Theresa Snyder and I am sure he would have bound her to keep  his secrets. I respect this.

Dragonologist:  June 23, 2014

I had the most amazing day.  When I climbed over the edge of the ledge to the cavern I had spotted, a great nostril lay before me.  The head of a red dragon.  At first I thought it deceased but then it opened its eye and said.  "Took you long enough."  Apparently this dragon, I can't believe I found a dragon, this dragon has had contact with mortals before.  I have a thousand questions to ask but did not want to push its acceptance of my presence.  It did make very clear I was not allowed in the cavern but given that a live dragon was speaking to me, I have no problem with this.  We spoke of many things.  Here are the main points I learned today:

  • His name is Keensight
  • He is over 1400 of our years old
  • He was not born on our world.  This is absolutely amazing and I look forward to hearing more.
  • Dragons stay hidden from such things as infrared by reducing their body temperature to the ambient air.  This makes for slow movement in winter and many just choose to sleep it away. They can increase it if they need to hunt.  This is just amazing and a new revelation we did not have.
  • He does not have a mate at this time
  • He has somewhere seven children.
  • His use of English can be a bit medieval
  • He is highly intelligent and is somehow aware of current world politics and events.
  • He is the flight leader.  
There was a great deal more conversation some of it idle chat and of course, he expected me to answer my own questions in regards to myself, my purpose, and he definitely demanded to know what I knew of dragons thus far.  He found my knowledge amusing for some reason.  More tomorrow.

Dragonologist: June 24, 2014

Today was just a day of questions and answers. It was raining so the beast let me in his cavern just far enough to stay dry.  I was surprised at the change of temperature even near the entrance. It was comfortable enough to sit but not to take my coat off. I suspect that further inside is a great deal warmer given the dragon's movements and quick wit.
Things I learned today:
  • There are dragons in our world.  They are few in number due to the advancements of Earth technologies and population growth.  It is getting harder for them to hide.  The elders that remain are watching over dragons who do not know how to travel to other worlds. 
  • There are many worlds inhabited by dragons.  They travel by somehow folding space and time.  According to the dragon, magic is real.  He considers anything not explainable by scientific means to be magic.  He did concede there may be scientific explanations, but if there are, he is unaware of them.
  • A dragon's hoard is not just gold and silver and precious things.  They keep things that mean something to them on a sentimental level.  In addition, they store metals.  Apparently these metals help in breath weapons and flight.  Depending on the dragon, their stomach acids combined with the right metals creates a gas that then is filtered to a separate sack.  This inflated sack helps them to fly by creating extra lift. 
  • Keensight has lived amongst mortals on and off all his life.  He has many tales he can share and asked if I could write them down.   On condition, that any revenue be shared with him. I can only assume it is for his hoard.  Otherwise, what purpose would a dragon have for money that is not a precious metal?
Dragonologist:  June 25, 2014

Our discussions were interrupted as Keensight had urgent business with a younger dragon.  I do not know how he knew as I saw no other dragon to give him such a message.  Perhaps his cave has a second entrance.  This is probable as dragons have likely learned from the great crusades against them that being caught in a cave puts them at a disadvantage.  I did learn that the stories of knights hiding behind their shields against a breath weapon is all fantasy.  He said a true dragon could melt such a shield with their breath weapon and that the heat alone would fry them.  Plus, he pointed out that hiding all of your body behind a shield you could bring to a dragon's cave and then carry is highly unlikely.  He seemed amused by this and had knowledge of fictional books and movies on the subject.  He is amazing. We have arranged to meet in a location that will be easier to access and will afford him some protection.  I forgot to ask how they stay off radar.  This is my last entry on this encounter.  May it increase our knowledge and interactions with the dragons that we have discovered. I have enclosed a rendition of the dragon.  He looks grumpier than this to be honest.  However while it is not great art as in the masters, I am sufficiently pleased with it.

Keensight June 2014