Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Black Dragon

Black Dragon by sandara on DeviantArt

I have come across research that black dragons are evil, mean and extremely cunning.  This has not been my experience.   They are cunning, make no bones about that.  They will lash out at anything that moves if they are hungry.  This unfortunately has led to the death of clutch mates if the mother is not present at the hatching.

It can't be easy being a creature that breathes acid.  It wears at their face scales, creating a pocked mark face and often it can look as if their face scales are peeling back.  In addition, the elements they need to eat to create their breath weapon are often found in swamps and murky places.  I doubt you would be in a good mood if you had to live in such a dismal and forlorn place. 

The eggs of black dragons must be kept in a place where it can be submerged in the strong acid that keeps the eggs firm and protected.  Some believe that this developed as a survival mechanism over time.  Other creatures could not get close to eggs kept in such a liquid bath.  

As I said, if food is not adequately present, wyrmlings will feast upon their own brothers or sisters. They are already fierce and always hungry.  At this age, they have no conscience.  It is all eat or be eaten. 

As they mature, they begin to develop a sense of right or wrong.  Unfortunately, right is what benefits them and wrong is what does not.   They often believe they are superior and therefore, their way is the only right way.    This leads to no understanding of the concept of stealing.  If it is there, then it is for the black dragon.  They only seem to understand the concept when it is their lair that has been raided. 

Finding a black dragon's lair can be difficult.  They tend to hide it deep in a swamp with two entrances.  One entrance will be through a water opening, the other will often be hidden by vegetation.  The easiest way to find a dragon's lair is to follow your nose.  They like to pickle their meat in the pond before they eat it.  The stench of rotting meat is undeniable.   

I do not recommend seek a black dragon's lair.  They often hide and then ambush those that dare to come to close to the lair.  Often, they will submerge in a way that one eye can see from the depths of water and vegetation.  If you see a black dragon's eye, however, it is probably to late for you.  Your only hope is that the bog they have chosen has trees. They are not as swift on the ground as the air or water.  Note: The younger they are, the faster they can move.  

Black dragons can grow up to sixteen feet in height and weigh in at over 150,000 pounds.  The oldest black dragon was said to have a wing span of forty feet.  They are mature usually in their mid forties. These facts combined make them one of the most deadly dragons known.  After all, how do you fight something whose acid can melt your sword and shield?