Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review of In the Nick of Time

In the Nick of Time (Myrddin's Heir, #6)In the Nick of Time by Robin Chambers
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A Timeless Message Which Man Continues to Forget

Robin's unique style of writing mirrors well with my preferred view points. The glossary at the end, enlightens and expands my understanding of small cultural phrases. Extremely helpful for those of us in a different country where the local idioms are unknown.

The perplexity of mankind is that constant need to be in control of things beyond our personal spheres of influence. Evil, for the sake of evil, has always been about the ability of those with power to exert that power as they choose without consequence. It doesn't matter the genre, when evil is taken up with a professional hand, the sordid truth of its indecency is universal.

Robin Chambers is such a professional hand. In the Nick of Time brings forward the evil in man which is rarely hidden nowadays. It challenges thought on what justice is within in a world of injustice. These very deep human perplexities are buried under a whimsical tale of magic and power, fairies and daemons, and wizards and witches.

If there is true justice in the land, then someone with the power to do great things in the world will publish this man's work for all the world to see. He excels in word-crafting, world building, and storytelling. A true man of honor and integrity, you can feel the desire for a better world emerging though the voice of his hero. The unyielding voice of justice in Gordon married with the hand of healing and mercy in Grace, echoes in the minds of all those who have suffered the hands of cruelty just for the sake of being cruel.

The only criticism I would dare to offer is that the author breaks the fourth wall a couple of times which stuttered the immersion of the world. Not enough to detract from my opinion, but enough to be noted.

Huzzah Mr. Chambers - truly Huzzah

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