Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Keensight Travels the Human World Safely

As many know, I am working on the final book of this series.  I may republish them as a trilogy in the future, combining Outcast and the Blackguard as well as Bloodmines and Pseudo-dragon.  To go over this possibility and the final book, I traveled to Minneapolis to meet with my editor and one of the illustrators I work with for children's books. So that many of you know what is delaying, I have been battling stage four cancer.  The chemo has worked to remove all but one tumor on my liver.  I will be having surgery on August 4th.  The upside is that I will not be able to travel and so will have time to write.  The downside, it will probably be a week or so before I feel well enough to be creative.

While I was in Minnapolois, Becky Hunt, the illustrator, went to a great deal of work to create an avatar that Keensight could occupy so that he could travel with me around the country without concerns of getting shot or mobbed.  She gave it to me when I arrived.

Rebecca Hunt and Cheryl Matthynssens with Keensight

It took some work, but Keensight successfully made the transfer.  He was amazed by simple things at first.  Being so large before, and now much smaller, the world was far different.  Here he is with a glass of water.

After our time together going over book edits, future plans and how to incorporate a publicist onto the team, I headed for home.  I had traveled by car this time,  so I took some time with my granddaughter and we went sightseeing.  Keensight was not a bit bored and even spent time playing with Angela, my granddaughter and her little ponies.  He was most disturbed to find out they were not edible.

Below are pictures of our wonderful time in Minneapolis and then South Dakota!

Gooseberry Falls above Duluth, MN

Keensight takes us to a nearby forest he is fond of visiting

"Well, this is something I have never been able to do before!"

I got in the car and he had a crown?  He just smiled when we asked where he got it.

"These look much smaller as a dragon."

Keensight was sad to see the bears contained, though they looked happy to me.  There were bears everywhere as we drove through a Jurassic Park type paddock.

Dragon Love

Visiting split rock Lighthouse

Stopped and let the dragon rest in his element.

Overall, it was a great trip home, but I am ready to get back to writing!!