Saturday, April 2, 2016

When Life Happens!

I am not one for being hypocritical or giving false advice.  So when I opened my blog to check on things and realized how long it has been since you all have heard from me, I was embarrassed.  It is not that I am not writing, for there is crafting of story going on most moments I am not actively engaged in something else, but I haven't been writing anything down.

This is going to be a little, no a lot, of self-disclosure.  I have been telling myself for a year that cancer can't win because I have a series to finish.  Now that I am down to the last book, I think a little piece of me is scared that I will lose the fight when the last period falls. I know that it is ridiculous and all in my head, but then again, half of everything in our world today is all in our head.

In reality, life happened and time just slipped away.  It is something that writers have to be very careful about.  Family, house and obligations can quickly rise up and swallow our time.  Chemo has been a little hard this go around. (Okay, a lot hard)  I don't find myself as able to write in the chemo lab or during the chemo week as I did the first round.

Cancer doesn't just wreak havoc on one's body.  It drains finances, schedules and family as well.  It is a disease that consumes the individual to some extent. Random pain that makes you wonder, is that another tumor?  Having to plan everything around whether it is a chemo week or not is frustrating. Being tied home every other week has been especially hard for me.

So life suddenly happened.  The worst part is, as I sit here and try to think what ate up my writing my time since I posted last, outside of chemo, I cannot recall. Which means I have let the little things in to eat up my writing time.  I also realized that I have been sick a lot lately.  In the past, I have worked hard not to let that be an excuse not to write, but lately I realize I have let that creep in as well.

I have gotten behind in my writer's challenge.  I apologize to those that participated.  You will get your stories, though Heather, the last one really had me stumped for a good two weeks.  Well played ma'am.   I still have room for a few more if anyone wants to jump in.  The challenge was some time ago, as I said I dropped the ball, so here is the link. Reader Challenge,

So what is coming up for me?  Well, I am moving to the city.  My family and I decided that an hour and half from my oncologist given that my cancer metastasized is to far away..  I am trying to move twenty years of kids raising and now farm life into a small flat.  I am having a hard time deciding what to keep.

I am laying out the outline for the final book in the series.  It is going to be the longest one to tie up all the strings.   My editor also has me relooking at Outcast now that I have found my voice.  I don't know if it will change much, we will see.  I think it will be more style changes than any change to the storyline.

I think this move, once completed, will be a good one for myself and my writing.  A small apartment will be easier to take care of and leave less room for procrastination and distraction.  It also has a pool and walking paths for healthy breaks.

I will miss the farm.  It was the inspiration for the Daezun environment.  I was on the top of one of those hills looking down just as Alador was in the beginning of Outcast.  But to be honest, I am a horrible farm girl.  The only thing I have successfully grown since we got here is zuchinni, strawberries and roses.  I would say pumpkins, but right before harvest, the deer came in and ate them all down to strange little empty orange bowls.

Pseudo-dragon has continued to get reviews that astound and please me.  I have heard things such as my favorite dragon series, outstanding character development and wonderful world building.  To all of you that are fans, thank you very much.  To those of you that wished Alador died in the second book..... *Big Grin*  I can't please everyone!