Saturday, October 10, 2015

Calling all Readers - Challenge This Writer!

One of the things that  I am working on right now is getting my creative edge back after all the surgeries and medications.  Add to that, I really have a love of interaction with my audience.  In addition, an idea from a good friend from the book -A Wizard of Dreams (Myrddin's Heir Book 1) -by Robin Chambers- Link: popped into my mind while I was considering the first two.  The idea is actually in the next book in his series, but you should read the first one... well first.

 Wahlah.... Challenge this Writer was born.

One of First Challenges I Wrote!

So here is the deal.   In comments, list the following four things appropriate to a fantasy setting:

1.  Character type
2.  Specific Place
3.  Situation
4.  Random Item.

Here are some examples:

1. prince                                      1.  young girl
2  secret door                              2.  pig pen
3. losing your grip                      3.  man needing help
4. small black scorpion              4.  red ruby

The sky is the limit.  This is  your input in which I must use all four elements in a story.  I will try to do one a day, but this may not always be possible. I guarantee one a week. I will have my editor keep me honest on this promise.  I will dedicate each live write to the challenging reader.    I reserve the right to delete suggestions that are obscene, deliberately offensive, or generally not in the spirit of the challenge.

Throw me your best curve balls and lets see what I can do with them.  After thirty stories, I will compile them into a book and I will send each person, that emails me an address after their challenge is written, a copy of this book signed personally on the page that your challenge elements appeared.  Let the games begin!

Please note: The writer will reserve all rights to the stories created by the four elements.