Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Lesson of Tactics.

Teachings of General Levielle

Master of Tactics for the Blackguard

Knights of red, stronger than any other, more aggressive than any other; at the behest of the Dragon King

If your enemy is secure than you must be prepared for him.  Whether dragon or an army, if your enemy is of superior strength, then you must evade him.  

If you face arrogance, than give your enemy a false sense of power.    Lay a weak path for him till you draw him into your trap that he may know your full power.  Such tempermental enemies are easy to provoke once irritated.  

If your enemy is taking his ease or his forces united, give him no rest till he is forced to seperate them. A tired army makes mistakes.  A tired dragon cannot stay aloft.

If your enemy's subjects are supporting him, then send in spies to drive a wedge and create doubt in the populace.  While he is busy, you can attack him for his attention will be divided and he will be unprepared.