Monday, August 10, 2015

A Bank or Bed - The Value of Treasure!

Wisdom of the Flight

by Alador Guldalian

"Why do dragons sleep on their treasure.  It hardly looks comfortable?" asked Alador.

Keensight cocked his large head  as he stared at the mage then snorted smoke from his nostrils.  "A better question would be ... why do mortals hide their treasure where none can see it?  Do you not know boy, the true value of slips is not the amount that you have, but the use that you put it to."

Alador laughed.  "I think that the saying you are quoting has to do with how you spend your slips, and nothing to do with making a bed of them."

Keensight glared at Alador for a long moment before he replied.  "A man's value may be based on how he spends his treasure.  A dragon's value is based on being able to enjoy it, touch it, experience it.  If a dragon spent it as you suggest, why.... he would have no bed at all."

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