Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Inspired Writers! Blue Dragon's Geas Featured.

I had the privilege of being featured on The Inspired Writers blog athored by Merrie Housdon.  You can find the feature article here:  Day 19 of Fantasy Month: The Blackguard by Cheryl Matthynssens

Get the set of the first three here.

The Inspired Writers Blog is dedicated to the both authors and readers.  She occasionally dedicates a whole month to the most requested Genre.  You can vote for your favorite genre, or for the genre that you write, check out the Genre of the Month Poll Page.  There you register for your chance at a feature during this time if your genre fits what is chosen.  When there is no registration form, that means that registration has been closed or that a winner for the next genre of the month has not been chosen.

Merrie Housdon is a newly published author and a proud member of From Women’s Pens.  Having always had a vivid imagination, Merrie naturally took to writing as an outlet from a demanding job as a juvenile corrections officer.  This is a simularity that we share as I counsel criminals' addictions.  With a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Merrie now spends her days as a case manager at a busy law firm and her nights as a devoted wife and passionate writer.

Merrie’s short story, A Prince for Valentine’s, is included in Annie Acorn’s 2015 Valentine’s Treasury.  Aside from working on her own projects, she also runs this website dedicated to helping other authors spread the word about their books.

Given her dedication and support of other authors, I could do no less.  If you like to read you really need to check out her blog.