Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Amazing Review Made my Day!

Thank you Robert from New Mexico!  I appreciate the support as independent authors have to be their own publicists!

This review was found on audible for the audio version of the book!

"It has been a while but this book is both a traditional Epic swords and sorcery adventure that had characters that you care about a couple of new twists on the traditional swords and sorcery theme. I found each book to be satisfying individually and yet the first to lead to the need for hopefully and equally consistent third book. Whether that book is the finish of the trilogy or not, I just know that it's time for the next book in this saga to be put on audible for our enjoyment. sorry I waited so long before reviewing this book as I did have it noted down as a must finish the series level of quality. Finally putting up this vague review now because it has yet to be reviewed and this book and it's his sister book are both really good examples of intelligent traditional swords and sorcery stories that don't feel like another book you already read. Why, because I cared about the people of the world and the creatures and while they were similar since it is a traditional fantasy novel they were not one-dimensional or boring. 

Examples of other books that I really liked and am waiting on the next book are the painted Man, some call it the warded man, by Peter V Brett and Blood song by Anthony Ryan all of which are in the same state as this series! Trerrific but still waiting its next or final books. It is maddening trying to wait how many more partial series can I wait for. But my larger point here is to show you that Cheryl's books belong i. The same genre and same general quality level. And so it deserved a review. The bigger difference about her book and those I mentioned with hers, is that they all had the backing of a very large publisher, while her book only had the backing of a small publisher. But they're great books and I Encourage people to give their audio version a listen. And for those of you worried that the writer of this book is a female and therefore the book itself is a bout a female or that the male characters are written in a unnatural form put your mind at rest. When I read this Book I am not once thought about the gender of the writer due to the writing. The narrator was good and did not take away from the quality of the book. I am giving this book 5 stars across-the-board, because I think it's been overlooked. I surmise this because it's been on audible for a while and yet it has not gotten any reviews and that surprises me. I am not related to her nor do I get any compensation for pushing her books but if you have run out of good traditional epic swords in surgery fantasy series and you want to try something new give these a try I found them worth the time. The reader was generally good, I am more tolerant of the Scott Brick style of readerthat can have a bit too much inflection and excitement in his reads for some peoples taste, while it must be noted that Scott brick is one of the more well loved and popular readers for those who like that style I also like the Nick podehll style of reader too. And what I can tell you as this voice actor put forth a good solid effort and Summer going to love him while others will find him a bit melodramatic and some will think he's okay. One thing he's not is patently bad unless you are in that niche audience that hates readers that infuse the reading with any level of emotion at the Scott brick level. Overall though, very good book with very solid reading and Cheryl is a good new author to support."