Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Trap!

Travis Hite - Reader's Challenge

The greatest alchemist in all the lands
A room that does not exist
A game of chess
A poisoned tea set

Oberan moved through his lab as if there were a clear path. To any other guest, the room looked almost impassible. There were tables with burners, beakers, tubing and other necessary items for alchemy. The far wall held the components he needed. He had done so much work for others until a month ago. The young mage eyed the wall of components then referenced his list. A month ago, Oberan had found reference to the possibility of opening a portal to a room no other could enter. He wanted to access this room for his research documents, unique potions and dangerous elements. It would add to his already overfilled labatory and let him protect his most valuable finds and property. Despite a mage by birth, alchemy was his great love.

He had been making extracts all week. You could not make extracts too far in advance as their properties faded over time. Some lasted only a week or two. The last extract he needed to make was from cat eyes. Oberan scoured the shelves. He had harvested all the parts of a cat about two month's ago. The problem was there were a number of elements starting with C was rather extensive. Finally, he found the jar with the two cat's eyes. He moved back to his current work station, side stepping boxes and tables as he went.

He placed the eyes into the boiling liquid. He had a been warned that there was a trap to the room. He had also found notes of the need for a gift. The young man had purchased an intricate tea set lined with gold for its purpose. He was so close to finishing. The elements were now all purchased. Some had been hard to find and a good half of his store of silver and gold coins had been given to the cause.

Once the liquid had boiled for some time, the remaining contents had condensed down. He carefully decanted the liquid to separate it from the now shriveled eyeballs. The mage placed the vial of hot liquid next to a row of other such vials and beakers.

He set the cauldron on the larger burner he had created after the concept of the updraft stoves. He fed the small opening with shortened branches that he had started calling pegs. He was ready. Everything was ready.