Saturday, April 23, 2016

Confession of Nerd Status

So, for some reason when I am out and about and get to talking with new friends, they are always so surprised that I am an avid player of World of Warcraft MMO.{sometimes Guild Wars 2}  This shouldn't surprise anyone.  My books are full of dragons first and foremost.  Then add in the sword and sorcery and world building and you have a full fantasy world.  World of Warcraft gives me that spark of fantasy every day.

The second confession that will make some of the avid gamers groan is that I do not play for content.  Nope, I role-play.   Being a counselor, you hear a lot of very dark things.  Role-playing let me let those negative slide away.  Now you would think that it would be playing some good paladin or some such thing.  Nope, I started an evil cult.  The High Priestess Dethara actually was inspired by that role-play.  We are very similar to the shadow council and have our own lore and beliefs.  Let me say this very clearly.  THEY ARE NOT MY BELIEFS!  It is all creative writing on the fly.

Okay... okay... for those of you going I want to role-play with that.  We are on Moongaurd.  The guild is Ordo Tenebrae.  The website just to get an idea of how it is set up is  If you  like role-play and World of Warcraft, come hang out with us.  I am on at least a couple times a week.  Just remember, it is an evil shadow cult!!!

I am not unique in this regard.  There are many other people that are well-known that play WOW.   Vin Deisel, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman just to name a few.  You can find more celebities that play right here:  Celebrity Wow Players.

The Spirits of Ashenvale - Warcraft III by arcane-villain on DeviantArt

I am also not the only writer that plays wow.  I was bummed not to find myself on the list.   But... I reminded myself that I am not famous....YET!  I have made some of the greatest friends and if I find out that I voted Natalie Portman out of a dungeon, I will go into hiding.  Some of the other authors that play wow and have been found out or confessed include Catherynne Valente and  Jon Sprunk. You can find a fuller list and what they write at Fifteen Minutes of Fame. 

If you play wow, I would love to know who you play and what server.  If that is too much info, just say hi.   So... there you have it. I have shown some of my nerd card and thrown a few others under the bus with me.   Don't forget to swing in and check out my books.   You will find me on Amazon. Here is my author page!